8th Tango Marathon ENTRE ARCOS
Gold autumn edition | 28.9.-1.10.2023
Mikulov castle
Czech republic - south Moravia

Registration starts 15 March 2023 - 8.00 PM

Enjoy the tango ENTRE ARCOS with a glass of good wine, and you will feel like you're in paradise. The gold autumn edition of Tango Entre Arcos is here! In a different place, but with the same warm atmosphere of tangueros meetings in the heart of Europe.

Milongas take place at the castle in Mikulov.

You can look forward to:
a wonderful wooden parquet (360 m2)
• leader/follower 1:1
• the ticket includes: snacks, water, coffee, tea+ (1x lunch, 2x dinner, 2x soup)
• nice hugs and great atmosphere