Registration starts 5.10.2022 - 8.00pm

7th Tango Marathon ENTRE ARCOS
Blue winter edition | 3.3.-5.3.2023
Art nouveau hotel Praha • Nový Jičín
Czechia (North of Moravia)

place: the art-nouveau Hotel Praha (next to the chateau in Nový Jičín)

Time seems to stop in this charming place. The atmosphere of the early 20th century suffuses you in every detail. Around each corner is an echo of the laughter of ladies and gentlemen in hats sitting in a saloon full of cigar smoke, light penetrates through stained glass windows, and you can listen to the strains of familiar music ...

Déjà vu! Yes, that's what you feel when you sit down in a cafe and soak up the energy that has been here for a hundred years. Come and experience it with us ...

The winter edition of Tango Entre Arcos is here!Warm atmosphere of tanguero meetings in the heart of Europe.

The milongas will take place in the halls of the Hotel Praha in Nový Jičín.

You can look forward to:
a wonderful wooden parquet
• leader/follower 1:1
• the ticket includes: snacks, water, coffee, tea+ (1x lunch, 2x dinner, 2x soup)
• nice hugs and great atmosphere

Tango Marathon ENTRE ARCOS 2019-2021 - Hradec nad Moravicí castle:

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