17.00-21.00 - milonga
Andrzej Mantaj (Poland)
21.00-2.00 hod. (3.00) - milonga
Max Marzano (Italy)

12.00-14.00 - nuevo milonga
Andrzej Mantaj (Poland)
14.00-19.00 - milonga
Ondřej Kloub (Czechia)
19.00-21.00 - pause, with tango music
21.00-4.00 - 2.00 hod. (3.00) - milonga
Luis Cono (Chile / Sweden)


12.00-17.00 - milonga
Darek Tybińkowski (Poland)


Registration fees:

• 'Super early birds': registration including payment from 1 October to 30 October 2020: 2700 CZK or €100 per person.

• 'Early birds': registration including payment from 1 November 2020 to 12 January 2021: 2800 CZK or €104 per person.

• 'Last minute': registration including payment from 13 January to 5 February 2021:
3000 CZK or €111 per person.

Registration can be cancelled up to & including 12 January 2021 (when registering as a pair, only the pair as a whole can be cancelled):

• for cancellation until 31 December 2020, we will return 100% of the fee paid
• for cancellation until 12 January 2021 we will return 50% of the fee paid

The registration fee includes entry to all milongas, 5 hot meals (2x dinner, 1x lunch, 2x soup), water, coffee, tea and fruit for the entire marathon. Sunday lunch can be ordered with an additional registration. 

In the case that the event does not take place due to the announcement of a ban on events by the government or another state institution, we will return the registration fee as a voucher for the next year (in the value paid) or in the form of a refund to the account (the amount refunded will have the exchange rate difference and the bank fees for the transfer deducted from it).

We invite you 

 to the castle at Hradec nad Moravicí, which is called the pearl of Silesia

.• 370 m² wooden floor
• 5 tango DJs
• 28 hours of tango music
• excellent gender balance 1:1
• food and refreshments throughout the marathon
• a warm embrace and a great mood