DJ TEAM summer 2021

TDJ Luis CONO (Chile / Sweden)

Whenever I travel to Czechia I travel with many milonguera inspirations. I am a dj tango from Chile and I live in Malmö - Sweden for many years. I'll come to ENTRE ARCOS 2021 with beautiful milonguera music to dance in a closed embrace and with lots of energy for you to receive beautiful memories from Hradec.

Andrzej MANTAJ (Poland)

As a TDj, Andrzej has played marathons and milongas in Poland, Slovakia (Bratislava, Banská Bystrica) and Croatia (Split).

Andrzej says: "I will have the honor of playing the marathon twice, I will give you a "classic" on Friday and I will wake you up on Saturday with a big dose of nuevo and alternatives. I don't like when the music is crackling therefore I put great emphasis on good music quality. I prefer the tango played live so I try to create this mood at the milonga. The music from the 1930s did not crackle, the orchestras and their instruments sounded so good that it is difficult for me to reproduce their sound. However, It is not the age and style of music that inspire us to dance, but the energy inherent in it.

I like the changing rhythm, multi-layered songs, interpretations full of contrasts, tensions, pauses and dynamic climaxes. What's for breakfast on Saturday? A fresh musical breeze. The choice of songs will allow even the beginners to taste dancing to nuevo and alternative music. There will be nothing extreme, but I like to use well-known musical themes. You will dance to film music, Chopin, blues, jazz and others."

Max MARZANO (Italy)

Max Marzano, is a very traditional Tango Dj whose style reflects my great passion for traditional tango, trying to convey the spirit of "Milongas Porteñas" every time.

An active Musicalizador in Rome, playing music regularly at some of the main Milongas of the city, of Italy, as well as abroad in Festivals and Marathons and organized in the past the "Milonga Academia" in Rome which he was resident-Dj for the entire 2014-2015 season.

To list his achievements in Buenos Aires where he has played at the most popular milongas and Festival and marathons in Europe, we would need another page.


Max says :

A set needs to have a structure and needs to fit together.

At the same time, music needs to vary during the night, so it never gets boring and never repeats itself."

My tandas selections are made through the Golden Age of tango, Vieja Guardia, as well as from the '50s consisting of my favourite Orquestas: Juan D'Arienzo, Carlos Di Sarli, Anibal Troilo, Angel D'Agostino, Ricardo Tanturi, Osvaldo Pugliese, Francisco Canaro, Pedro Laurenz, Enrique Rodriguez, Francisco Lomuto, Edgardo Donato, Miguel Calo, Osvaldo Fresedo, Rodolfo Biagi, Adolfo, Domingo Federico, Alfredo De Angelis, Typica Victor, amongst others.

Darek TYBIŃKOWSKI (Poland)

In the past, professional theatrical dancer. Currently a fan of tango, director of Monday Łódź milonga in GKO. I appreciate composers from the Golden Era to the contemporary orchestras. When selecting tracks and artists, I aim to put dancers in exaltation and keep the atmosphere and energy on the floor.

TDJ Ondřej KLOUB (Česko)

"I've been playing for two years, both at milongas and for my own pleasure and that of others during quarantine. On the one hand, DJing for me involves great respect for the music, all the dancers and the tango itself, and on the other hand it is an opportunity to tell your own story and get everyone present involved. I mostly play [music] from the thirties to the fifties."


17.00-21.00 - milonga - Andrzej Mantaj (Poland)
21.00-3.00 hod.  - milonga - Luis Cono (Chile / Sweden)

12.00-14.00 - nuevo milonga  - Andrzej Mantaj (Poland)
14.00-19.00 - milonga - Ondřej Kloub (Czechia)

19.00-21.00 - pause, with tango music
21.00-4.00 - 3.00 hod. - milonga - Max Marzano (Italy)


11.00-17.00 - milonga - Darek Tybińkowski (Poland)