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Mikulov castle 29.9.-2.10.2022



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VINTAGE - visit to the wine cellar


(Salla terena hall - Mikulov chateau)

21.00 - 2.00

Pre-milonga - Zuzana Smékalová (Slovakia)

(The Large hall - Mikulov chateau)

17.00 - 22.00


17.00 - 22.00

19.00 - 21.00 dinner

Evening milonga - Jasmin Muranovic (Croatia / Austria)

22.00 - 3.00

24.00 - 1.00 night soup

Night milonga - Francisco Saura (Spain)


(The Large hall - Mikulov chateau)

11.00 - 14.00

14.00 - 16.00 brunch

Sunrise milonga - Tomek Lison (Poland)

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17.00 - 22.00

19.00 - 21.00 dinner

Evening milonga - Veronika Kim (Czechia)

22.00 - 3.00

24.00 - 1.00 night soup

Night milonga - Max Marzano (Italy)


(The Large hall - Mikulov chateau)

10.00 - 15.00

14.00 - 16.00 brunch  

Morning milonga - Zuzana Smékalová (Slovakia)

15.00 - 18.00 (19.00)

Sweet goodbye milonga - Tomek Lison (Poland)


TDJ Jasmin Muranovic

Croatia / Austria

Friday 17.00 - 22.00 

I'm in love with tango music and there is lots of passion for what I'm doing. During my Dj set the most important for me is to trust my feelings while choosing every tanda and cortina. My task is to create the best danceable mood and use the energy of the dance floor to get more and more inspiration.  

TDJ Francisco Saura


Friday 22.00 - 3.00 


TDJ Veronika Kim


Saturday 17.00 - 22.00

Veronika has been dancing tango for over a decade and started DJjing shortly after. She likes to create an energetic flow on the dance floor. She loves to play classic tango orchestras that inspire to explore your embrace and won't allow you to stay seated.

TDJ Max Marzano


Saturday 22.00-03.00 

Max Marzano, is a very traditional Tango Dj whose style reflects my great passion for traditional tango, trying to convey the spirit of "Milongas Porteñas" every time.

An active Musicalizador in Rome, playing music regularly at some of the main Milongas of the city, of Italy, as well as abroad in Festivals and Marathons and organized in the past the "Milonga Academia" in Rome which he was resident-Dj for the entire 2014-2015 season.

To list his achievements in Buenos Aires where he has played at the most popular milongas and Festival and marathons in Europe, we would need another page.

"A set needs to have a structure and needs to fit together.

At the same time, music needs to vary during the night, so it never gets boring and never repeats itself."

My tandas selections are made through the Golden Age of tango, Vieja Guardia, as well as from the '50s consisting of my favourite Orquestas: Juan D'Arienzo, Carlos Di Sarli, Anibal Troilo, Angel D'Agostino, Ricardo Tanturi, Osvaldo Pugliese, Francisco Canaro, Pedro Laurenz, Enrique Rodriguez, Francisco Lomuto, Edgardo Donato, Miguel Calo, Osvaldo Fresedo, Rodolfo Biagi, Adolfo, Domingo Federico, Alfredo De Angelis, Typica Victor, amongst others."

TDJ Zuzana Smékalová


Sunday 10.00-15.00 

I love tango music for its richness. There is so much beauty in tango and still so many great melodies to discover!

I try to put music that would make people feel something - joy, playfulness, happiness, passion, romance or even melancholia or sadness.

And with those feeling to make them look for the right embrace and dance...

It makes me happy when I see people enjoying the music, having nice evening and leaving milonga fulfilled with positive energy.

I started DJing in 2010 and nowadays, besides DJing on local milongas in Bratislava I get invitations also for local milongas

in Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Graz, Linz; occasionaly to other places (Brno, Rome, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Regensburg).

As to the bigger events, I have played 3times at Brno Festival (Abrazo de Brno), couple of times at our local marathon

Bratislava Tango party, as well as in Malmo


TDJ Tomek Lison


Saturday 11.00-14.00 
Sunday 15.00-18.00 (19.00) 

I appreciate tradition of tango and quite often I play the old masters. Nevertheless, amongst all the great composers, I value the most Pugliese, for the unbeautiful madness of emotions and harmonious diversity of rhythm. Moreover, I'm deeply grateful that tango hasn't died along with the end of the "golden era", it prospers and keep on surprising. That's why I seek for inspiration in the modern bands. There is only one condition - it must still be tango, it must still be music to dance to. For me the most important thing, when selecting tandas is to keep the energy on the floor, no matter if it's the music of the new or the old masters. Because D'Arienzo is a volcano of energy, but the guys of "La Juan D'Arienzo" play so amazing that an grandpa D'Arienzo may be proud. Ups, I've just revealed which orchestra I will definitely play...


Kseniia Krasnova (video)


I was studing film directing in University, was filming short movies, music videos, documentaries all around the world in Europe , Africa ( Madagascar), Argentina.
I was filming dancing videos for Remolino tango festival, Tango D'amore, Bailemos, Tesoromio ( Ukraine), Sultans of Istanbul, Chil Out tango marathon Turkey, La belle Epoque ( Italy), Pipo Friends ( Berlin) and many more.

For me it's important to see and to tell the story in a video, and reveal the atmosphere of the event, to catch the moments that happen in and between the dance, unique moments and all its beauty.

Sona Komarkova (photography)


In addition to being one of the organizers of the marathon Entre Arcos, I have been a tango photographer for several years and I do it with great love and enthusiasm. I like to look for fragments of light on dark milongas, look for emotions and dance with the camera together with the couple. I enjoy being close to the dancing couples, feeling the emotions between the dancers, capturing their gestures and smiles and mysterious embraces.

My goal is also to reflect the character and atmosphere of the place and show the event as a whole, a place where you have been or want to be.

You can follow my photographic activities on FB.